Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Winter Break Fever Has Hit (12/1/05)

Today was another awesome day at school. I have now written about 1/3 of two different papers. Then got bored. Whit and I were supposed to go out after she had a meeting but she had to revise a script for work. The poor thing has been sooo stressed lately over this script. So while she worked on that Liss and I decided to make a coffee run but Matt wanted to tag along but not to go to Wild Oats, but to the other natural food market in town since he is now boycotting Wild Oats because they are the man and the man sucks. Or something like that, not quite clear on the details.

Anyway so we dropped Matt at the store and went to Starbucks (whose coffee sucks so I bought green tea). Apparently we made Matt wait too long and he thought we decided to leave him there so he called everyone back at the school to see if we showed up there. Hehe! That is a funny joke to play for the future though! I once left my friend at a record store, drove around the block and came back. I was highly amused. She was not.

So anyhow, when we got back it was a little after 3 so Whit and I decided to go to the closest restaurant/bar we could find and get takeout to bring to Barry’s class (aka the sperm class) and we also decided to have 2 drinks while we waited for the food. So food was a little late getting made and when the bartender gave us back our credit cards, he’s like, I know where you’re from! I instantly knew it was my old friend from high school, Jason!! I was so thrilled!!! Remember when I said junior year I stopped hanging out with my friends because of my ex? Well he was one of the new friends I made at the time and we used to have so much fun together! I just can’t believe my luck to run into him!!

It’s funny when things like that happen. Like, the timing of it all. If I hadn’t waited until this year to go back to school, and if on this day I hadn’t decided to go to that bar with Whit because she had to work on her project and it was close to class time we might never have run into each other.

Anyway so we got back late and decided it would not be a good idea to go into class late since Barry had given this whole speech about it at the beginning of the year. So instead we sat in the computer lab eating our dinners. We could have just skipped altogether if it wasn’t for the fact that we had put our bags in the room already. Oh, and then so during break in between that and the next, Whit and I decided to go back to the bar for dessert and another drink.

On the way out we saw my friend Dan the cop talking to 2 of the campus cops in their cruiser so we decided to go up to them with him and chat. And it was totally weird because Carl and Bob were totally hitting on us and were like, ooh, why didn’t you invite us to go drinking? Make sure you invite us next time! But whatever. They were pretty nice anyway and now I’m friends with Carl and Bob the campus cops so if I get another ticket for parking in the lot illegally one day I know who to talk to about it.

So anyway, got the drinks, got some excellent tiramisu, and even got back to class on time this time, though the class was completely boring. I decided to give myself corn rows while the prof droned on and on about goal setting theory. This new look of mine seemed to really amuse Whit and some others in the class. Then I decided after an hour that I’d had enough and told Whit to come get me if he called break, otherwise I’d be back in 20. Just my frigging luck that he called break like 10 minutes after I left so I didn’t get to enjoy my skipping. Oh well.

The rest of the class was taken up by very artistically drawing the lettering for, “One hour left.” “Thirty Minutes Left.” And so on. I am so in winter break mode already it’s killing me these last few weeks of class.

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