Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ode to Whitney (12/22/05)

It occurred to me that in the last few posts poor Whit hasn’t been looking so great when really she is the nicest girl I know. So this entry is dedicated to how great Whit is. I met Whit on orientation night in August. I met her through Jenn, who does her GA with me. She was immediately my friend and we all went out for drinks and snacks after orientation. We got horrible service and the bill was all screwed up. We ended up receiving separate bills for the food and drinks and then no one came to get our money and when they finally came back and took our credit cards they never came back with THOSE. So we got up and went to the front of the restaurant to get our credit cards and only after we left did Whit and I realize we never paid the drinks bills since those were separate. But you bet your ass we didn’t go back once we’d left.

Second week of school I got into an accident on my way to class. I called Whit to ask her to let the prof (hey, btw, it was Prof. Bob!) know that I was going to be late. But I was all upset even though it was a minor accident because the man who hit me was being really mean and yelling at me even though I just kept saying I’m sorry, I’m sorry. And my car was only 6 weeks old. And now it was all crunched up on one side. So Whit ran up three flights of stairs (didn’t take the elevator because it was too slow) and shouted to the department secretary what happened then drove straight across town and missed class herself to make sure I was all right. We left my poor Scion in the dinky Chinese restaurant parking lot we’d pulled into and walked over to Dunkin Donuts, where Whit bought me coffee and we sat for like an hour just talking until I was calm enough to drive home. All this she did for a girl she’d only known for two weeks.

We do lots of fun stuff together too, a lot of which I’ve written about here. She is nearly as weird as me (remember the neon sticky sperm?) and she totally gets my sense of humor. It’s always nice to be friends with people that laugh at your jokes. And she is an incredibly encouraging person who wants nothing but the best for everyone she knows. (Well, except our mutual ex-friend but who can blame her about that?) And one time when I was really upset over a guy she woke up in the middle of the night to talk me through it. Is she a great friend or what?

Oh and she’s Canadian and Southern, which is why when we were discussing Thanksgiving the following sentence once came out of her mouth: “It’s not my fault y’all celebrate your Thanksgiving so late.” To which I had to respond, “You are not allowed to use y’all in a sentence where you are referring to your Canadian Thanksgiving.”

I could go on but we don’t want to give Whit too big of an ego here. So I’ll just end it here with this final statement: Whit rocks!

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