Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Friday-Illicit Shopping and New COCKtails (10/10/05)

So Friday Whit and I met with our departmen's assistant director to discuss our friend Jen. Jen's not doing so well and it's only like 1/3 of the way through the 1st semester, and we are concerned. There's definitely something going on with her that she's embarassed about and won't tell anyone.

I told Whit I'd go with her if she wanted for support even though I haven't known Jen that long (or Whit either), so she calls Friday at like 11:30 and wakes me up! I got up at 8 am so I'd be ready and just decided to go back to sleep instead. So she's like, "I'm walking out the door, I'll be there in 1/2 hour," which is how long it takes me to get there too. So amazingly, I jump in the shower and am ready in 10 minutes, a world record for me, and make it to school before Whit does, even.

After the meeting, we go to the center of town for lunch with Em. Whit and I did a little shopping and I got this awesome wooden Pan flute for my sis for Xmas (she's a music major). I also got these completely bizzare coasters for my dad's office--they're made out of coiled newspaper. They were supposed to be an Xmas gift too but his cousin died the other day so I felt bad and gave them to him right away to cheer him up. (Oh, and I also spent just as much on jewelry for myself even though I'm Poor with a capital P.)

When Em got there, we sat at lunch talking all about how we were all procrastinating writing our papers for next week and could not go shopping for the rest of the day like we planned. So what do I do when I leave? Head straight to Old Navy to find a new shirt to wear to Newport tomorrow. I bought 4 and didn't wear any of them the next day. Later I found out Whit went shopping too. If only we'd known, we could have spent the day being bad together!

So I went home and never spent any time on my paper, though I did mix a couple of interesting cocktails, one with Absolut Apeach, Peachtree, and OJ (a little twist on a screwdriver), and another with apple cider, Peachtree, and cherry brandy. Ooh, that last one was especially tasty. I think I shall call it...a Hard and Fuzzy.

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