Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm a Lonely, Lonely Girl (11/22/05)

So enough about boys for awhile. Boys stink and it's best to pretend they don't exist for as long as you can. Okay, they don't stink and I like having them around but I hate being all, oh I like him, does he like me? That is so not me. So I've said enough for awhile. Moving on.

It's gotten kinda lonely these last few days. No school since Thursday and Whit's down visiting her family in NC, Nicole's busy with work every day since it's her busy season, etc, etc. At first it was all cool.

I had a pj day on Sunday. PJ day involves getting up (eventually, when I can no longer stand to stay in bed), showering (because nobody likes a stinky girl), and putting on clean pjs. The rest of the day, nothing that can't legitimately be done in pjs gets done. I may venture outside to get the mail or walk the dog but that's about it. So that was fun.

Monday I flirted with doing one of my 3 papers I need to do this week, but come on. Who are we kidding? They're not getting done this early in the week. Went shopping. Wrote my blog entries. IMed off and on all day. That was about it.

I completely thrive on my friends and not seeing any of them since Saturday is starting to get to me. Luckily, I'm going to pick up my sister tonite from school so she'll help amuse me a little. Tomorrow during the day I have to make some stuff early for Thanksgiving, and then Thursday is of course the meal. I'll be busy with that all morning and into the afternoon.

Thanksgiving week is usually when you catch up with old high school friends but since I don't speak to them anymore, what will I do with myself Thursday nite thru Monday? I'm gonna go insane here. I took that Meyers-Briggs last month and am strongly an Extrovert, meaning that I get energy from being around other people. I totally agree with that right about now, as I'm going to start climbing the walls soon.

Only 2 more hours til I get to drive to NH and get Kristy! Yay!

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