Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Play-by-Play (11/24/05)

5:00 AM--Got up. Rubbed the turkey. Stuck it in the oven. Back to sleep.

6:30 AM--Up again. Basted the turkey. Up for good; have to baste every ½ hour. Trying to fight nausea caused by handling 24 pounds of raw bird first thing in the morning. Coffee on.

7:50 AM
--Found 90 bucks in the pocket of some jeans I haven’t worn since the summer! Score!!

9:15 AM--Put the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade on. My earliest memory of Thanksgiving is watching that. The floats, the Rockettes, the marching bands, Santa at the end bringing in Christmas. It’s awesome!

10:40 AM
--For awhile things were blissful. Thought the snow would keep the Grandmonster away but just got word she’s still coming. The drinking has commenced.

12:00 PM--Grandmonster arrived 15 minutes ago. Turkey’s done. Potatoes are still cold in the middle. Wine’s good.

12:45--Dinner served 45 minutes late, which really isn’t bad at all. Got many compliments on a nice moist bird. Guess the QT spent with it this morning paid off. Wish I were drunker; haven’t had time for more than one glass. Don’t have an immunity to the Grandmonster developed yet.

1:40 PM--Oh my God. Grandmonster is talking about how hot Bill Clinton is and my dad made a cigar joke about him. Don’t need to hear these things from them! Must put serious effort into drinking.

3:05 PM
--The Grandmonster is gone. Have that happy, fuzzy feeling from lots of wine. Good times ahead for the rest of the day.

6:45 PM--Just woke up from a 2 hour traditional Thanksgiving nap. (Hey, gimme a break! I only got 3 hours of sleep last night!)

7:30 PM--Partook in the great Thanksgiving tradition of an evening Turkey sandwich. Attempted to complete my first ever Sudoku puzzle. Those mofos are hard!

8:00 PM--Watched Survivor with Dad. One of the few bonding tools we have.

9:50 PM
--Still trying to do the sudoku puzzle. Searching for Fraggle Rock to watch with Vicky.

10:50 PM
--Listening to “Alice’s Restaurant” (because you have to on Thanksgiving) while I clean my bedroom since Vicky wants to have a sleepover.

11:50 PM
--Gave up on sudoku. Thought I was doing so well but really screwed up the whole thing, apparently. Screw sudoku!! Finishing up a last glass of wine, gonna go post this entry, and then enjoy the best part of Thanksgiving:

The End
--Peaceful house; tired, content feeling; nothing to do but relax and not set the alarm clock. You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

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