Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why Matt Is Cool (11/29/05)

So I got a personal request from my friend Matt to be mentioned in the blog. Matt is the TA for Econ, so you can imagine that I spend lots of time with him, given how much econ sucks. Poor Matt didn’t want to be the TA but no one applied to be Prof. Bob’s TA so he kind of got stuck with it. Matt’s pretty cool. He came with us to Wild Oats for lunch once and he helps us with Econ even when he’s not getting paid for it.

He’s in my HR class as well. One time he sat next to Whit, Jenn, and me but he said he wouldn’t sit next to us anymore because we talk too much. We really don’t talk that much at all (just because two separate teachers have spoken to us about it doesn’t mean anything!), and I mean, almost all the time what we talk about is related to class. I swear. So now Matt won’t sit next to us in HR anymore which sucks because he’s fun.

Whit brought in these little things called Easter Eggs on a String one day. They’re made out of that gooey, sticky neon colored rubbery material, only they didn’t look anything like Easter Eggs but very much like sperm. So we were sticking sperm to our coffee cups, my apple, our pens, whatever we could think of. It was the worst possible class she could have handed them out in too because that teacher is soooo uptight (worse than Prof. Bob by far), which only made the whole thing funnier.

So I gave one to Matt during our break and he threw it up onto the ceiling of the lounge area! And it stuck! It’s been like a month and there is still a neon green sperm stuck to the ceiling of our lounge. I check that sperm out every day and every time I do I think of Matt and smile.

Oh, and he has a dog. Anyone that has a dog is automatically cooler than people that don’t.

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