Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Crushin on someone

I was wearing my new khaki pants today. I've had them for 2 weeks. I was walking a parade for Memorial Day and at the end I was told that my pants had ripped right along the fly, leaving a huge gaping hole exposing my panties. Great. How many people had looked at my panties as I was trying to hand out flyers?

Oh well. At least I was wearing nice panties.

Yay! Anon is back! I hope he'll email me again.

This guy came into the office to volunteer last Friday and he was hot and funny and very friendly. He leaned in really close to me to see something I was pulling up on my computer screen and I got the butterflies. I haven't gotten the butterflies from a complete stranger in a long time. He's younger than me but then I haven't been with a guy who wasn't younger than me in over a year. I got his email address so I could send him a link to a video clip and I emailed him Friday night.

I haven't gotten a response yet and I'm disappointed. I frigging hate this. Why do I have to want to start dating again all of a sudden? Why do I have to have a crush? I haven't had a crush in forever and I don't like it. Not one bit.

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dan said...

The world doesn't present us with things that are easy or to plan.

Keeps you on your toes. But keeps it interesting, no?