Sunday, May 14, 2006

Smart Tina and Not So Smart Tina

So an interesting little story that will amuse all:

I got a digital camera finally. I broke my old camera on my Seattle trip with my sister a year ago and a few weeks ago I finally got a new camera. So I've never had a camera that didn't require me going to the the store to get the film developed. One night I decided to, yes, take some pictures of myself in the nudd.

The next day I promptly erased them because I'm an idiot and I just knew that I would accidentally show them to someone when I was trying to show them a picture of my dog or something. Smart Tina.

Then I was talking with the FWB one night and let slip about the no longer existent naughty pictures. Of course he wanted me to take more and after much cajoling (okay just a bit of cajoling), I did. So I decided that the smart thing to do would be to download these pics to my iBook, thereby preventing any accidental viewing by casual digicam browsing friends. Smart Tina (or so I thought).

Fast forward a few days to me attempting to send a picture of my cat to a friend through iChat and oopsy, I accidentally sent a dirty picture of myself to another friend altogether. Imagine my surprise at seeing a picture of my rib cushions (nod to Dan) popping up in the window of my chat with poor-male-platonic-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless. Not So Smart Tina. Okay, Stupid Clutzy Dumb Tina.

So it was a bit awkward talking to this friend the next time but now things seem ok. And my other male friends say he probably was just thrilled to get it (which he might have been, but he is a gentleman and shy so he will never say). Smart Tina would of course have erased the incriminating pictures so such a mistake would not happen again, but I didn't.

I kind of like them.

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