Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Trouble in the Computer Lab, Bar Convo, and Playing in the Snow (12/10/05)

Tuesday I had my Research Design exam. We were studying at the common table in the computer lab but I was also working on a computer off and on trying to finish my last RD paper and communicating with some political friends about a possible challenge to the sitting senator. So I had a computer open with my papers all around the desk and a Word document open and I was signed onto AIM and I had my email account open. There are 16 computers in the lab and there were maybe 6 other computers being used.

So I ran over to my computer to work for a few minutes and this girl who shall remain nameless (Hint: She’s named after Christmas) was sitting at my desk. I didn’t say anything. I just turned around and started to walk away but then this other guy says, did you need something? So I just said, no, I was just going over to my computer but I guess it’s not my computer anymore. So the Xmas girl goes, (and picture a really, really snotty voice here) “Well, there are eight other computers you could use.” Like, yeah. There are. So why don’t you just use one of the other 8 instead of the one computer that is clearly being used?? I mean, first of all I wouldn’t have sat down at a computer with someone’s stuff on the desk but even if I had, as soon as I saw they had so many things open on the computer, I would have moved to one of the many open computers. But that’s just me. I guess that’s why I wasn’t named after a major holiday.

Wednesday I can’t think of a single interesting thing that happened to me. I hate those days. Something interesting should happen every day.

Thursday Whit and I took our new friend Ben out for a drink after Barry’s class. We went to the bar where my friend Jason works and we had lots of fun. I got to catch up with Jason some more and Whit and I tried to convince Ben to skip his family fish festival (don’t ask) to bring his girlfriend and come to North Carolina with us next weekend. We didn’t succeed. We talked about TV commercials, bumble bees, Connecticut wine, the Shel Silverstein poem about the creature that lives in your nose and will eat your finger if you pick your nose, and much more.

Friday was the big storm. I had to get up at 6 in the morning to make sure that my niece didn’t have school but then I was able to sleep late afterward. I had to shovel the driveway in the afternoon since no one was home but me and I had to tend bar that night. So I went out in the foot of snow and shoveled and shoveled. It was a lot of snow. When I was almost done I realized that at some point I had dropped my keys in the driveway and shoveled them up with the rest of the snow so I then had to wade into the deep part and dig for them. Oh how fun. After I eventually found my keys I went inside and had some well-deserved hot cocoa.

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