Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thursday Through Sunday . . . Well, Mainly Through Saturday (12/20/05)

So…this was my life from Thursday through Sunday: I was woken up way too early by Whit calling or IMing me each and every one of those mornings. Thursday she made me meet her and Jenn to work on our Human Resources papers together. When we were done with them she made me go out drinking with them. Friday Whit IMed me and made me go meet her at the mall for shopping but first we had to meet for lunch where she made me drink pomegranate margaritas. Oh, and she nearly made me late for work that night. Saturday she interrupted my PJ Day and made me dress in real clothes to go meet her, Jenn, Jenn’s bf, and this guy Chris to go drinking. (More of the Saturday story later.) Sunday she IMed and texted me to get me up after I was all hung over so I could go meet her at IHOP for brunch before bringing her and Jenn shopping, and later at dinner she made me drink more alcohol. (Again, more on Sunday later.) So every day she woke me up way early and forced me to drink alcohol.

(Okay, so except for the waking me up way early part—and by way early I must confess I mean about 10:30 in the morning—I willingly volunteered to participate in all activities and did have loads of fun doing them. BUT. The waking me up before I willingly got up on my own overshadows all that.)

So Saturday. I had decided that it was PJ Day. I hadn’t had one since Thanksgiving week and felt I was deserving of it. So the day was going okay except I really wanted to take a nap around 1 pm but could NOT make myself fall asleep. My dad called and wanted me to go see King Kong. Okay. One of the greatest things about not being in a relationship right now is not having to be guilted into seeing all those guy movies. And it was PJ Day so I wasn’t going to be persuaded to leave the house to see any other movie either.

Then around 10:30 pm I check my messages and Whit has been trying to get hold of me for the last couple of hours. She wants me to go meet everyone at the Corner Pug for drinks. So she made me violate the sanctity of PJ Day on top of everything else. (Okay, so I’m always up for late night drinking with great friends, but still. Let us not forget that it was PJ Day.) So I invite my sister who just got home from college to come with us and we met at the Pug. When Jenn and her bf got there I realized that we were meeting there because they said they served late night food and poor Jenn hadn’t eaten all day. We found out that someplace in downtown West Hartford also served food late so Whit, Chris (a friend of Whit’s who I just met that night and am still trying to decide whether he’s cool or not), and Kristy swallowed the drinks we’d already ordered as fast as we could and we caravanned over to West Hartford Center.

Got there and after we sat down we came to find out that the chick at the last bar had lied to us and they did not serve food this late. (Okay so maybe she was just misinformed but it’s so much more fun to think the worst of people so let’s go with she deliberately lied.) So we got up from there (before ordering drinks so we didn’t have to chug anything down) and ended up driving to Hartford where Jenn’s bf works (poor Jenn’s bf; the whole reason we went out that night was because he had been having a hard time at work). We got some free food (yay!) and a couple more rounds of drinks and had lots of great conversation involving . . . well, I don’t really remember because I was kinda drunk but I know I laughed a lot.

Anyway, they kicked us out because it was closing time and we made plans as we were walking back to our cars to shop and eat brunch the next morning. So yes, I did willingly commit to brunch and I even was the one to tell Whit to call me when she got up the next morning so we could decide where to meet. But still. I get to blame everyone else for things even when it’s my fault because it’s my blog, remember?

Okay, so more on Sunday in my next entry.

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