Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My Top 3 (10/31/05)

What I did in between Trick or Treaters

Perfect Crimes

1. Kidnapping
2. Random Acts Against Authorities
3. Bank Robber

Batman Villains

1. Two Face- Taken over by his evil side and flip a coin to justify his evil.
2. Cat Woman- Loves skin tight outfights, cats and being evil.
3. The Riddler- He hates batman and loves guady outfits and confusing rhymes.

Criminal Organizations

1. Russian Mob
2. Mafia
3. Guerillas

Murder Weapons

1. Icicle- You're smart, but twisted. This murder weapon would be tricky to use but would melt away after use, leaving no evidence.
2. Bomb- You would kill to put your veiws across. You're smart and dont care about other people.
3. Killer Ants- Tie em up and cover 'em in honey then release the killer ants. You are screwed up, James Bond villian style. Can also use; Dogs, Bees or sharks.


1. Female Escort
2. Two-cent Ho
3. Male Escort

Social Outcasts

1. Vigilante
2. Renegate
3. Cultist

Terrorist Organizations

1. IRA
2. Red Bridges
3. Al Qaeda

World Domination Methods

1. Start a computer company, develop a market monopoly, and then infitrate every home in the world with evil machines of death
2. Threaten World Leaders with a Giant Laser
3. Create a loyal race of mutant broccoli-men

Greek Gods

1. Aphrodite
2. Athena
3. Eros

Axis of Evil Country

1. Iran
2. Iraq
3. North Korea
4. France

Buffy Baddie

1. Drucilla
2. Spike
3. Angelus

Dead Poet's Society

1. Shakespeare- You are lyrical, romantic and passionate about your work. You live for drama and tragedy will never get the best of you, because you will turn it into art.
2. Allen Ginsberg- You are intelligent, political and controversial.
You experiment with your art and art is your life.
3. Jim Morrison- You are spiritual, sexy and somewhat of a troublemaker. You are very controversial and you may even be musically inclined.

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