Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Evil Dream Catcher

I bought a dream catcher at a Native American arts and crafts exhibition after Thanksgiving but I only got around to putting it up three days ago. And every night since I've been having bad dreams. I think it's broken or else it's mad at me because my cat beat it up.

Last night was a strange, sad dream. I've had variations of this dream about my ex before where I decided to take him back and then when we were in the middle of sex I'd realize I had made a mistake and want to break it off again. This one was different but I can see that it grew out of those.

I dreamed that I decided I wanted to be friends with him again and thought he understood the same. So in the dream we were spending time together as platonic friends for about a month when we decided to take a trip together. And he was in my hotel room hanging out with me when he tried to start kissing me and stuff and I was all like, hey! What are you doing? I thought you knew I just wanted to be friends!

And he wouldn't stop kissing me (don't worry this is not ending in a tragedy) and he was very mad, saying come on. I put in my time being friends. I deserve this. When I kept refusing, he stormed out and went to his car that was parked outside and below the room. When he got there he saw that someone had splattered blue paint all over his truck and he started screaming up to me and threatening me, saying he knew I had done it (I hadn't) and he was going to get me. He was being so belligerent I had to call the police and they came and arrested him.

Only now I was stuck at this hotel with no ride home so I called my house to ask my sister to come get me and my mom answered but she couldn't hear me and she was in the middle of a conversation with my sister (as if the phone had been knocked off the hook or something). She was telling my sister everything that had just happened to me from the ex's perspective so I knew she had been talking to him about it. That was when I woke up.

I know the part about my mom having talked to him comes from the fact that she really still does. He works on my family's cars for them still even though we've been apart for like a year now. And he calls my mom now and again and they talk for like an hour. It makes me so mad. And last night before I went to bed I noticed she had her rolodex open to his phone number, hence I had the dream.

But still, I am not prone to bad dreams as a rule, so to have 3 in a row after I put up this dream catcher is just freaky. Tonight I'm going to have a little talk with it and apologize to it for my cat's rude actions. If that doesn't work then I'll take it down and mail it anonymously to an enemy.