Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quick Update--It's not about the kids, it's about marriage (10/28/05)

I'm off to New Hampshire to find some moose for the weekend with my mom & 2 sisters (who do not like each other; oh, happy times!) I did not blow it with the Guy though. Apparently he was a little drunk too which makes me feel better and he didn't freak out about my freaking out.

I did, after not having an alcoholic haze over my brain, figure out that what he's probably most worried about is that I'm going to go all marriage crazy way before he might ever be ready for that. And when I realized this, I'm like, have you MET me? I can't handle saying that we are dating right now. I do not want, and don't forsee wanting at any point in the next few years, marriage.

I mean, sure. One day, most people want to get married to someone they think they can be with forever. And so do I. But hello, I never got to be all crazy and free through my early 20s and now I am and I love it. I never focused on making myself into the kind of adult I wanted to be and am just now doing that. I love being my own first priority, instead of focusing on someone else. Why would I want to suddenly get all tied down again?

I need to be selfish for awhile. More later

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