Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Notes From Start of Semester

Alissa told me that she had been feeling a lot of pressure to get married because she really wanted a mixer, but her parents got her a mixer for Christmas so she no longer feels pressured to get married.

There are some new people in our department this semester. One boy is really cute so yay!

Ben held true to his word and did not share my embarrassing Mohegan Sun trip with our classmates, although I did direct anyone interested to the blog to read all about it.

Whitney has informed me that she and Jake decided that we need to have a second birthday party for me at Mohegan Sun so they can go to that one. I'm all for it as long as I don't have to leave in a wheelchair again. I'll just say no to the Irish Car bombs and lay off the Long Island Iced Teas.

We might be going to Seattle for spring break, and we might take a foreign language pass/fail so we can justify a trip to Europe this summer.

Matt's sperm is still on the ceiling! Amazing!


Anonymous said...

I have to clarify that it was self-inflicted pressure, of the "I can't afford to buy a mixer for myself so I need to get married so someone will buy it for me" variety.

~ A

Tina said...

Well you know, you can always just steal the likely sized/weight box off someone else's gift table at all those weddings you must go to in the next year.