Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Complain About Being Sick and Cry

Dear readers, I am hurting. I'm not talking about my ankle. I can deal with pain. I have had root canals without being numb. I kid you not. Not saying I enjoy pain but I know how to tolerate it. No, I am suffering from being worn down.

Back around my birthday I contracted strep throat. That sucked. I was on antibiotics and felt better after a few days, though. Sore throats are annoying, especially on me because I have ginormous tonsils and when they swell even a bit they both touch my epiglottis. It's not pretty, readers. Not pretty at all.

A few days after my sore throat went away, I came down with a bit of a cold. Head congestion, runny nose. You know. I had, I must confess, also forgotten to take my antibiotic for a day, so I thought perhaps I had a relapse from the strep. Once I was back on the antibiotic I felt better for a day, then crappy again for another few days. I stayed home in bed for a bit and felt mostly better by the time my sangria and stinky cheese night with Whitney came along.

Then Tuesday night I fell and sprained my ankle. There was a crack when I fell and it really hurt that night but I gritted my teeth and got through it. Then my arms got sore from the crutches but again, annoying but bearable.

Last night I fell asleep at 11:30 pm, which is a minor miracle for me of late. I slept the whole night through. I should have known something was wrong right then. This morning I got up to shower and realized that my whole body hurt. It ached so much my ankle was no longer my greatest source of pain. And I was chilled.

I took a hot shower, hoping to feel better, but I did not. Temp when I was getting dressed: 99.0. Not high I know but what you don't know is that my normal temp is about 96.6, so I really had a 2.4 degree fever. I still felt that I needed to go to school to work on my graduate assistantship because I just had not been doing that job as well as I should have.

I got there 30 minutes late and cried. That was when I knew that I was sick. I stuck it out for 2 hours and came home. I've been in bed ever since. My whole body aches and my fever has been gradually increasing. I cry a lot. Because I can stand pain. I can stand lots of pain.

The one physical thing I cannot stand is fever with that raw skin feeling of whole body aches that comes with it. I went through a root canal without the benefit of novacaine and never shed a tear, never said ouch, never even flinched.

But here I am with a fever and crying like a baby. All I want is someone to take care of me and at the same time I want no one around me.

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