Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tee Hee! I Have a Fan!

Proof that I am a depraved and lonely soul: I got a fan IM a week ago and have been corresponding with this man ever since on a daily basis. Aha, I must be crazy, I'm sure you are thinking. And perhaps I am.

But this man is nice and I find it very easy to talk to him about lots of stuff. Perhaps, you may be saying, this is because he has read all about my life on my blog and therefore knows me in a way I don't know him. This would be true.

And perhaps you are saying, Tina, ever heard of stalkers? Why yes, I would answer, I have. Even had one of my very own a few years back. But this man is from California, thus lowering the stalker quotient fairly significantly, I would argue. Though he is coming to New York soon on "business" . . . hmmm. Stalker business perhaps? You may be saying to yourself. Well I really doubt it, though Connecticut is close to New York.

Well you must all promise to call the police for me if there is suddenly an inordinate amount of time in between posts. Kidding, of course! This guy is very sweet and not at all creepy. A great new long distance friend. And while I know that part of this does come from his having read my blog, there is a definite connection there, an ability to communicate on a deeper level than we should be able to after only a week of knowing each other.

Hmm....I wonder if by posting this news I am opening the door for my thousands of other fans to IM me as well...a risk I will take, I suppose. But don't worry, Jerry. You're the first and you will always be the best!

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