Thursday, January 19, 2006

What I Got for my Birthday

An alphabetical listing of everything I got for my birthday:

  • Coffee, Dunkin Donuts (from a stranger)
  • Daffodils, potted (my favorite flower)
  • Dinner, at Margarita's
  • Family Guy, 1st two seasons
  • Flowers, adorable assortment in cute vase
  • Guinness, 2 pints
  • Irish Car Bombs, 2 or possibly more
  • Long Island Iced Tea, 7 or possibly more
  • Mohegan Sun Quarter bucket, used for puking
  • Mohegan Sun Water bottle, used to rehydrate after puking
  • Pirates of the Carribbean, in which Johnny Depp is the hottest pirate ever
  • Pocket PC/Camera phone, from myself
  • Pounds, 2 gained by Mom (awesome for a cancer patient!)
  • Red Death, 1 or possibly more
  • Skeletons from the Closet, from the Grateful Dead (replacing my worn disc)
  • Son of a Witch, novel by Gregory Maguire
  • Strep, of the throat variety
  • Tulips, bouquet of
  • "Welcome to our pad" sign with hanging frog, my liking frogs requiring someone to feel the need to buy me something frog every birthday and Christmas
  • Wheelchair, to take me out of Mohegan Sun
  • Wicked, novel by Gregory Maguire (must be read before Son of a Witch)
  • Zits, a wonderful little chin cluster of (<--sarcasm)

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