Monday, January 30, 2006

Non Sequiturs, Vol. III

I may have to start boycotting the Weather Channel web site. The last two times I’ve gone to it they have a web version of that nasty commercial where the little goblins peel up some guy’s ugly big toenail and climb right in. That is the worst commercial ever and I’d like to meet the advertising exec that came up with that idea so I could punch him. It gives me the willies every time I see it on tv and no commercial prior or since has been able to accomplish that. It does not make me want to buy toe fungus ointment.

My dog loves the snow. When it snows she sits by the door begging to go out and when she gets out there she runs around like a puppy instead of an old lady of 9 that she is. My favorite part is when she lays on her back in the middle of the snow and wiggles her torso this way and that. I say she’s making Snow Doggies.

There is a man that sometimes stands in the grass at the far corner of the student lot at school and plays his bagpipes. I imagine that his horrid wife who has no sense of his bagpiping talent sends him away to this isolated spot to pursue his bagpiping dreams. Don’t worry, Bagpiping Man! I respect your talents! If your wife kicks you out, I’ll be your roommate and you can totally bagpipe night and day in our new place.

Hugo Chavez is the man! I would totally do him if I was ever in Venezuela. El Comandante, I’m yours!

I love Animal Planet’s World’s Funniest Animals! Those animals are fricking hilarious!

One reason I love Sex and the City is because the characters are flawed. Carrie in particular every once in awhile has these lapses in her moral conscience that some people on a high horse would say are big even though she’s not overall a bad person. I get that totally.

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