Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mouse Update-He Goes to Church.

Chloe the cat brought the mouse up onto my bed in her mouth (still alive) at around 3:45 this morning. Lucky for me I was still awake, preventing her from dropping it on my head or something. So I brought this little plastic terrarium I used to keep a lizard in when I was a kid and put the opening on top around Chloe's mouth and forced her to drop the mouse inside. I then closed the lid and the mouse is currently on the top shelf of my closet.

I am going to go turn it loose in the church parking lot at the end of my street. They are a crazy church. They come out of the front door during services and blow into some kind of animal's horn. They used to belong to some conference of Baptist churches or something but they got excommunicated, or whatever it is that conferences of churches do to kick out the crazies. My cousin from Florida once attended services there while visiting and said she'd never go back.

So they deserve the mouse. Maybe I'll even open the door and stick it inside. I already know I'm going to hell anyway.

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