Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Notes from the State of the Union

Notes from the State of the Union:

  • Every President always says "The state of our union is strong!" Can't anyone be honest ever?
  • Less than 2 minutes before a "September the Eleventh" reference.
  • Every year Bush wears a blue tie and Cheney and Other Old Dude behind Bush wear red ones.
  • I think Lieberman looks like a frog. Whitney thinks he looks like a turtle.
  • Bush appears to have eaten his own upper lip.
  • 3 Democrats applauded Bush's urge to reauthorize the Patriot Act. One was Lieberman. Lieberman is Bush's Bitch.
  • Bush often looks when giving public addresses as if he might cry at any moment.
  • "Freedom is on the march." I hate this phrase. Really? Where's it going? Because it sure seems to be leaving here. (See Patriot Act.)
  • "Congress did not act last year on my proposal to fix Social Security." And ALL the Dems give a standing O! Too FUNNY! Bush was pissed.
  • Oh crap! Refill martini or continue to rubberneck on the train wreck?
  • Increase in Ethanol dependency-well hell I guess he's got to throw as many dogs a bone as possible.
  • No Child Left Behind is a success?? Um, did he speak to anyone like teachers, school administrators, local school boards about this?
  • That's right! You ALL better applaud Sandra Day O'Connor!
  • Ok I've gotta get another martini!
  • Comment from my niece after watching me watching: "This is like a comedy for you."
  • Kinda short! Didn't even get to finish my second martini!
  • The postgame commentary is fun to see. For like 5 minutes all the networks fumble a bit until they all figure out what the message will be, then they all spout the same opinions.
  • I'm having a third martini.


big D said...

Funny comments!

Love it!

Tina said...

Thanks Big D! I knew a girl we called Big D in high school. It wasn't a compliment. You're not her are you?

I hope not. I hope you're a man who calls himself Big D for....other reasons. ;)