Friday, January 06, 2006

A Mouse Releases My Inner Girly Girl

There's a mouse in my bedroom and I'm freaking out. The cat brought it in from the garage and let it loose around 2:30 am. I was still up chatting on AIM, another favorite activity of mine when the insomnia hits, when all of a sudden my cats started being totally hyper, which I didn't immediately connect with a mouse . They can be totally hyper just because. But then I heard the squeaking at the same time as it ran out from under my chair. I nearly dropped my laptop.

I try really hard not to be that girl that squeals and climbs on a chair so I went and found a box to put it in and a container to try to catch it in. My plan was to try to catch it and secure it in the box for the night so that today I could drive far, far away from the house and let it loose.

So when I came back from getting my tools, it was under the surround sound speaker on the floor with the cats surrounding it. I got a yard stick and tried to sweep it out from under there, thinking it would see the yard stick coming and run away from it but no the stupid mouse ran right up the yardstick!

At that point my inner girly girl took over and I screamed and screamed and jumped up onto the bench at the end of my bed. The mouse nearly running up my arm did me in. I could no longer be Brave Tina. I stood on the bench collecting myself for a minute, and realized that despite my hysterical screams no one came to see what was the matter. Good to know that when I am raped and murdered in my bed no one will rescue me.

Then I realized the dumb cats were still crouching around the speaker, so I took Andy and tried to shove him under the bed after the mouse but he wouldn't go. Nothing I could do would make them realize the mouse was no longer under the speaker. Now in my daytime clear head I'm realizing I should have just lifted the speaker up to show them, but I didn't think of that then.

So I spent the rest of the night until about 6:30 am cowering in the center of my bed, unable to sleep for fear that the mouse would crawl onto me in my sleep. Finally I had the brilliant idea of sleeping on the couch and left the cats in the room to take care of their business. Still, sleeping on the couch while others have their morning all around you is not so easy so it was not a good night, ahem, morning's sleep to say the least.

And, guess what? No dead mouse today so I can only still imagine that it is scampering around the bedroom still. Oh great.

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