Sunday, January 29, 2006

My To-Do List Leaves Me Depressed

Today finds me feeling kinda depressed. Maybe this is because my new fuck buddy cancelled on me for tonight. I did put on some new fuzzy pj bottoms awhile ago with Eeyore on them, and their fuzziness cheers me. Not as much as a nice, good lay would, I grant you that. But still, today I feel I must take comfort in the little things.

Spent a bit of time taking pics of my pussy with my pocket pc/camera. (Oh, you dirty boys! I meant my pussy cat!) Tried to take a couple of self portraits too but the camera makes my face look elongated and the lighting inside isn't right. I'm too depressed to go outside today. Once in awhile I need to just wallow in the depression.

I fear the depression stems from an overwhelming list of things I must do:
  1. Pay the DMV $200
  2. Fill out financial aid forms so I can owe money to the government
  3. Read lots of articles and chapters in my texts for school
  4. Clip the dog's nails
  5. Watch about 8 hours of past episodes of all my favorite shows that I recorded
  6. Send a belated birthday card to my friend Eli
  7. Laundry!
  8. Refill the dog's food container
  9. Oops, how bout buy food to refill the container with??
  10. Buy notebooks for all my classes this semester
  11. Pay bills
  12. Win lottery so I can pay bills
  13. Clean bedroom
  14. Throw away dead flowers from my birthday
  15. Feed myself
  16. Decide whether to follow Good Angel's or Bad Angel's advice re: a moral dilemma
  17. Put the splint back on my ankle, that I should have had on all day long
  18. Empty out my inbox (current total: 101 unread messages; 229 total messages to be sorted and/or deleted, mostly from the last 2 months)
  19. Apply for the Masters in Survey Research
  20. Copy a sample contract for my Orgs and Mgmt application group
Wow, that just might be a complete list. But see, instead of tackling these tasks one by one, I choose to wallow in self-pity and do something completely unproductive with my day, like read another chunk of Wicked and eventually try out a potatoes au gratin/tuna casserole dish I've invented in my head.

Okay. I will make it my goal to accomplish at least...8, part of 11, and 20 tonight. Accomplishing 8 without doing 9 may be tricky but my fuzzy pjs feel so good I really don't want to go to the store...what could pass for dog food for one night? Hmmm. I will think on this.

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