Monday, January 16, 2006

Drunk Tina at Mohegan Sun

So last night was my birthday celebration with my friends. We went down to Mohegan Sun. The plan was to meet at Bubba's Big Barbecue for some awesome cheesy grits, bbq chicken, and Not Yo Grandma's Iced Teas. Unfortunately, I got there late and an event had just let out of the coliseum so there was like an hour wait. So Stacy, Dave, and I (the only ones there so far) decided to go to Lucky's Lounge to wait, but when we got there we decided to just eat there.

I had an Absolut Vanilla and ginger ale while we waited for our pizza, except they were really backed up in the kitchen. So I got a Long Island Iced Tea when Nicole and her boyfriend Tim showed up (which Tim bought for me; I love my birthday!). A few minutes later, Luci called to say they just got there so we moved to a table to make room for them. When Luci, her husband Mike, and her friend Matt got there, Mike bought me another Long Island.

After we finished eating, we all except Dave did Irish Car Bombs after which I had another Long Island. While I was sipping on that one, Ben showed up with his girlfriend, Katie. I bought them each a drink since Ben is a cheap bastard and would have waited to drink until we went onto the casino floor where the drinks are free. Ben brought my coat out to my car for me except I had to go with him since I was too drunk to describe where I was parked. It was easier to just show him. When we got there I had him move my car closer to the entrance, which he wisely realized I was too drunk to do myself, so I got to sit in the backseat of my car. It's pretty awesome back there!

When I got back to the bar (after nearly getting lost on the way back), Mike bought me a Red Death, and when I was halfway through with that, I went to the bar with Ben and Katie again, and bought myself another Long Island. This was the point at which I began to make drunk phone calls. I called Whitney and told her right in front of Ben that his girlfriend is hot and I don't know why she's with Ben. (So sorry, Ben!) I also called Jake and yelled at him for not coming to my party. (They never showed because Whit's car was stuck and Jake had to stay really late at work.)

From the point of talking to Jake I have no memory of the rest of the evening except one little snippet I'll mention in a second. I have, however, pieced together bits of the next couple of hours from other people. While my sister was gone bringing Dave home (he had to work the next day), I apparently started chatting up strange men at the bar so they'd buy me drinks. I got someone to buy me another Irish Car Bomb. I was dancing for awhile.

I got Ben, Katie, Mike, and Stacy to come gambling with me. When we got to the quarter slots, I told the boys they had to go "over there" so Katie and I could have some girl talk, and when they did, I decided to start gambling. I got about $1.50 into a machine before I got sick. The casino employees brought a giant quarter bucket for me to use and I did the first time. Then Stacy went to go get the car and apparently at that point I no longer used the bucket but just threw up on myself.

The very nice casino employees put me in a wheelchair and with my puke bucket and a bottle of Mohegan Sun water wheeled me out of the casino. This is the other tidbit I remember: I have a flash of being pushed in a wheelchair and looking down and seeing puke all over my sweater. I also remember begging Ben to not tell everyone at school about that. Then my memory leaves me again until about 6:30 this morning.

We got to Stacy's place around midnight where she, being the most awesome sister in the world, washed my clothes for me while I made a few more drunk calls at 2:30 am. I only know about these because I checked my call log this morning. I called Whitney, who didn't answer the phone and Chris, who did. (I know because I asked them both about it today.)

Also somewhere along the way I must have fallen at least once because I have a sore bump on my head, and my knee and my ribs hurt. So yeah, overall, a fun party. As Luci said to me today, "You know it was an awesome birthday if you can't remember it."

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