Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm a Klutz

Feeling very nauseous. Been on vicodin for nearly 24 hours. Last night I fell down the stairs. One leg went up behind my body and there was a snap. Ankle and foot hurt like hell and we worried that it might have been broken so off we went to the local er for xrays. Nothing broken so that was a relief. Just a bad sprain.

Got crutches and this neat little gel splint you put in the freezer before wearing. Crutches suck. I have bruises under my arms from using them all day today. For 2 days I can't use that leg at all, and that really sucks. Really really sucks.

Went to class anyway, even though I was high. Really don't know how anyone manages to become addicted to this crap. It does help my pain but it makes me feel sooooo sick. Sick to my stomach, spaced out, just all around uncomfortable. All I can do is sit here and wait for the crap to wear off.

And no, I was not drunk when it happened. I do, however, fall down the stairs relatively often and trip over absolutely nothing now and again, and stumble when getting up from a chair fairly frequently. I get a concussion at least once or twice a year. I sprained my wrist last spring. I get lots of bumps and bruises. It's really surprising to me that I have managed in all my life to only break one tiny bone in my pinkie, given my total lack of coordination.

And when I have an injury such as the one I currently have, I often have to answer the question of whether I was drunk when it happened, which I understand to an extent, given that yes, I do like to indulge now and again. But so far the answer to all such questions is no, I'm not drunk. Hence why I chose the web address of this blog.

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