Saturday, February 04, 2006

Notes from Bedrest

I put on my fuzzy pj bottoms again today since I am having another forced PJ day. There is debate among friends and family as to whether it is possible that a bone in my foot was chipped or cracked in last week's stair-falling incident. If so, most think I should visit the doctor on Monday morning for foot x rays and to get one of those ginomous broken foot shoes. I don't want to wear one of those, and more importanty, I don't want to be told to use crutches any more! So I am on forced bedrest for the weekend, trying to make it so that come Monday, my foot does not hurt.

Okay. Perhaps my forced bedrest is causing me to go insane. I just let out a maniacal laugh because I was just so thrilled at sitting here listening to my iPod while sipping on a 2 day old iced Dunkin Donuts coffee I just discovered in the fridge. And I made my hair curly today.

The pets are demanding attention today. Goober the dog needs constant belly rubs and whenever I stop she whines and hits me with her paw. Andy the cat is mysteriously wet and insisting on pets by climbing onto my chest and purring like a madman, making it very hard to blog. Chloe the cat is just sitting in the corner glowering angrily at Andy, who is the baby in my twisted little family and therefore inspires jelousy in Chloe.

Ha! I'm so proud of myself for linking their names to photos! Aren't I clever? Currently "Friend of the Devil" is playing on the iPod. This song we played endlessly while driving through Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona since there is a line at the beginning that goes,"I lit out from Reno, I was trailed by twenty hounds," and another that goes, "Spent the night in Utah and I gave up in the hills." We lit out from Vegas, not Reno though. But we did spend the night in Utah. And we hid a gun in the hills. Ah, good times. But that is a story for another time.

A new friend of mine has been celibate for almost three years because he only wants to be intimate with a girl when he is really serious about her. (He's had girlfriends in these years but not considered them serious enough.) I on the other hand can't stick to a vow of celibacy for more than two weeks. I feel so lacking in self-control.

I am not wearing a bra or panties today. This is not some attempt to be sexy; it is because I have run out of clean lingerie. So I have decided to do laundry. Sadly, this is how most of my decisions are made. I metaphorically run out of clean underwear and so decide to do the metaphorical laundry. I understand that this makes me a flawed person but I don't seem to have the ambition to fix myself.

"Lovefool" is now playing. I am upset with the advertising world for stealing my favorite music for commercials. This song is currently featured in an automobile commercial. Furthermore, the M &Ms float psychadelically (sp?) to "Such Great Heights." A little piece of my soul breaks away every time I hear another one of my favorites used for commercial purposes. Ah, but I know that Professor Bob would tell me that it is just the free market at work. And that is precisely why I hate economics. It is a cold, cold world that the Economist inhabits.

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Anonymous said...

The pictures of your pets make me miss my family's dogs (the family cat not so much, just because he is cranky).

I too must do laundry today...and dishes...and reading...I view at-home attire as having to 1) allow you to answer the door if needed, yet 2) be as minimal as possible to save on laundry. And really, the door-answering criteria is optional.

Hope your foot feels better soon :)

~ A