Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Sick

I went home sick yesterday. But I had to return to work at 2:00 for a 30 minute mandatory meeting. So I did. With a scowl on my face, but I did. In the meeting was P, the guy I went out with a couple of times a year ago. I knew he was still working in the building, but this was the first time I had been in the same room with him, so I did what any mature person would do when they run into someone they dated in the past: I ignored him.

To be fair, he ignored me too, but alas, this happy circumstance cannot continue. I will during the session have to interact with him at some point, so I guess tomorrow I'll send him an email to the effect of: "Sorry I didn't say hi the other day. I was feeling under the weather and wasn't in the mood to deal with people. Still, it was good to see you again. We'll have to catch up sometime."

What do you think? Sound mature enough? I don't hate him; I just squirm at the thought of him. He did, after all, practically smother me, both emotionally and physically. He was on the second date talking about having children and buying a house together, etc. A month after I dumped him, he sent me an email to tell me he was now dating a girl at work and they were talking about buying a condo together. So I was mildly surprised to see that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring yet. Of course, in his mind, "they" could have been talking about buying a condo when in reality he was talking and she was cringing, as was the case with us.

At any rate, he's not the worst guy from my past to have to work with. That would be a tie between Crazy Andy and the Big X.

And I'm home sick again today. It's either a cold or a sinus infection; whatever it is, the cough syrup with vicodin sure is doing the trick!


Robot Dancers said...

I dated someone i worked with once that i didn't particularly want to see again and i ignored the crap out of him. Then i moved without saying goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Feel better Tina.

Don't forget the recuperative powers of hot toddys!