Monday, March 03, 2008

Something Little

The weekend was a very nice one. There was a snow storm Friday night into Saturday, and the MF and I just holed up in the apartment, played games, watched tv, and talked. And other stuff . . . I keep waiting for things to take a turn for the worse with the MF but every time I spend time with him, it just gets better and better. I'm feeling very warm and fuzzy toward the MF and not at all like talking about anything that might ruin things.


I went to my hometown at lunchtime today for a doctor's appointment and then went over to the pharmacy to pick up some prescription refills. Now that I actually have insurance, I'm using the hell out of it. At the pharmacy, the pharmacist came out to hand me the prescription himself--turns out it was this guy (who we shall refer to as LD so as to keep him anonymous) that grew up down the road from me. He was a few years ahead of me in school, but my god was he hot. I always had a crush on him.

When I was 18, I was at a friend's party and so was LD. There was significant drinking, as there tends to be at parties when you're that age, and I told a friend that I used to have a crush on LD. She of course thought it would be funny to tell him, and then he approached me. One thing led to another and a little bit later we were hooking up in a quiet corner. Things were going very well until . . . I slid my hand down his pants and felt his erect . . . member . . . which--remember I was only 18 with limited experience--but even so, I knew that this was the smallest penis I had ever seen or touched. And it was erect. Reader, I ask you to examine your thumb. Yeah.

I reacted poorly, snatching my hand back out of his pants and making excuses and going away. I felt really bad about this later on, especially the part where I told a couple of people about this *ahem* little issue. I'm sure that had this happened today, I would not have acted like that. I would have been able to cover up my surprise and I wouldn't have blabbed to people, but then again, I was only 18 and drunk. Also later on I found out he was cheating on his gf with me anyhow. So all's well that ends well.

Today he was very eager to remind me of who he was (I didn't recognize him) so apparently he wasn't too hurt by the incident. He also wasn't wearing a wedding ring, despite the fact that I know he's married. Once a little snake, always a little snake I guess. And now you know what LD stands for.


Anonymous said...

Ah god this entertained me. Heehee.

Robot Dancers said...

That was a brilliant story.
I don't know what the deal is with men not wearing their wedding rings.
It's so sleazy.