Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Heart Henry Lee

I called the dentist today. I'm going to see him tomorrow. He wanted to see me at 7:30 tonight but I just couldn't. I had to attend a work event.

Highlight of the day: I got to meet Dr. Henry Lee, famed forensic scientist formerly of the O.J. trial, currently of the CourtTV show, "From the Files of Dr. Henry Lee.". No one seems as thrilled with that as I am. Don't know why. It was better than meeting Kiki and Ted Kennedy Jr. to me, though they were nice too. I especially liked Ted III, who is about 3 1/2 feet tall right now. Presidential material, that one. I'm telling you.

As much as I like my job, I'm actually looking forward to this root canal so I can have some forced time off from work (because given the choice I'd work 12-16 hours a day--and have been--instead of go home early). If there is something more to be done for the campaign I want to stay and get it done. Trouble is, it never ends and I never catch up.

Truth? I've actually turned down the opportunity for sex to spend more time working lately.

Even though I'm loving work I'm beginning to realize my priorities might have become just ever so slightly out of whack lately.


Jenna Howard said...

Skewed thoughts indeed!!

*Jenna shaking her head at the very silly Tina*

Enjoy yourself. Good luck with the dentist.

dan said...

With the enjoyment most people take in sex these days, I'm not sure work was a bad choice. :)

As for Henry Lee, *I* think that's really cool.