Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I See the Light...I Just Hope it's not an Oncoming Train

We quit my bartending job. We is my sister and I, since I was holding onto the job to give to my sister permanently once she got home for the summer. It was Whitney's birthday the other weekend and she wanted to go to the casino so I stopped into the bar to see if my sister was going to get out early and then I could bring her with me. When I walked in, she said, "Can I quit?" and so I told her that if she quit right now, I'd bring her to the casino. So she did. I told her to quit for both of us. So she did.

I've never done anything like that but I really didn't feel too bad. I mean, when we told Tim, the owner and sushi chef (or when she told him since I was waiting outside), he said, "Okay!" and nodded his head.

The next day his sister, Irene the Super Bitch, called my cell and left the following message (to be imagined with a heavy Chinese accent):

"Hello. Tina. This is Irene. You quit?? I don't know what this means, this quit. I am very mad. If you don't come in tonight. Call me and tell me you are coming in tonight. If you don't come in tonight you can't work here anymore."

I know it's mean but I laughed and laughed at that message. It was like the time this winter my old boss at Munson's called and tried to get me to work at the main office. A. I would not ever work at Munson's again. Even if I was broke and living on the streets, I'd take a job at McDonald's slinging burgers before I took a job at Munson's again. B. If McDonald's wouldn't hire me, and it was work for Munson's or DIE, I suppose I would work there but if, and ONLY IF, I did not have to work at the main office. Yes, folks, I would rather die first than work at a place that workers have referred to as much like a Nazi prison camp.

So, yeah. Ooh, I can't work there anymore if I don't come in tonight. Somehow that threat doesn't hold much water once you've already quit. I used to supervise teenagers for six years at Munson's. Once in awhile one of them would get it in their heads to quit on the spot because that would show me! Trouble was, A. I am liking the lettering my reasons tonight. B. Most of the employees were very responsible. C. Most of the employees were very friendly with me. SO . . . D. I always found out before they dropped their big bombs.

But even if I hadn't, my reaction would have been the same: Ok. Thank you for your service. The end. They were always so disappointed I didn't give them the reaction they were looking for which was probably some combination of disbelief, begging them to stay, and anger. But the thing I knew that Irene couldn't grasp because she is Super Bitch is that once someone quits, there's nothing to do about it. Move on. The end.

When someone's done, they are done.

SO now I'm down to 2 jobs and grad school. My life has now become a blur of one day to the next where I'm not sure what I've dreamed and what actually happened. This is much better than when I just forgot half the stuff that happened to me every day to compensate for the overload.

Overload induced short term memory loss--->blur of dreams and reality. I'm improving. Just 2 more weeks to go then I'm down to one job and no school.

Oh, and 40 pages to write on the theory of public administration to fix my incomplete from last fall before the summer ends.


E said...

And this too shall pass...

dan said...

taking control of your own life sure does feel like being on top of the world, don't it? :)

But public admin? You are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Tina said...

Eli-Yeah, I know. In 2 weeks I will be homefree.

Dan-Yes, it does. And thanks for what you said on my last post. Good to know. I just might take you up on that.

And yes. Yes I am. How do you think I ended up with 3 jobs to begin with?